Top Blokes Foundation

2021 Signature $50,000 Grant Winner

Top Blokes Foundation (TBF) is on a mission to improve young male health and well-being. They work with groups of boys and young men over 3 to 6 months to increase their resilience, empathy, and respect for self and others, and in doing so work to reduce the rates of suicides, mental health issues, antisocial and risk-taking behaviours.

TBF’s proven approach develops young men’s resilience, empathy and respect for self and others, and in doing so improves the mental health of 83% of participants, decreases anti-social behaviours in 72% of participants and improves engagement to education for 79% participants.

Since their launch in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in October 2020 they have been inundated with requests from schools, unfortunately, they do not currently have the funding to meet demand. They partner with over 30 schools in this region with a further 21 schools on their waitlist. Having such strong demand and reach across the region in their first year demonstrates that schools are not able to access similar services.

All of the above schools say that they are struggling with behaviours that include disrespect, particularly towards women, violence, drugs, alcohol, bullying and a lack of resilience. These types of behaviours see boys excluded from QLD schools at some of the highest rates in the country. However they have all stated that currently there is no other service that offers evidenced-based, male specific, early intervention and prevention programming with a holistic approach.

Their long-term engagement allows Top Blokes to address a wide range of relevant topics such as respectful relationships, realities of pornography, anger management, mental health and masculinities.

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Traction Builds

$30,000 Emerging grant

TRACTION provides evidence-based, hands-on learning and mentoring programs for 12–15-year-olds in Southeast Queensland, with the goal of keeping them engaged in school and community.

TRACTION believes that all young people deserve the opportunity to discover and develop their strengths, however many people don’t realise their potential in a classroom. That’s why TRACTION takes a different approach. In partnership with schools and other referral agencies, TRACTION engages young people in a workshop environment, “on the tools”, to complete their own projects and experience success.

With the support of TRACTION’s professional mentoring team, young people build resilience and skills to help them thrive in learning, work and life.

TRACTION will use the grant from Women and Change to establish a presence in the Ipswich community where there is a significant community need. TRACTION has received interest from local schools and agencies including Ipswich State High School, Ipswich Youth Services, Ripley Valley State Secondary College and Springfield Central State High Schools. With support, TRACTION will secure 12 months of shared community space in Ipswich to host workshops and promote community engagement in the region

The need to support young people in Ipswich is urgent. Educational disengagement in Ipswich is a major societal problem, with research showing that school attendance falls from 72-75% in primary school to about 50% by year 10.

The TRACTION team anticipates fine-tuning of program delivery by comparing the Ipswich experience to programs established Beaudesert, Redland Bay, Brisbane and Yarrabilba. This work will involve adapting to the direct need identified in Ipswich over the 12-month pilot. Success in this pilot will demonstrate proof of concept for the Ipswich community. TRACTION will then engage local funding partners, based on already existing relationships.

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Best Life

$11,000 grant

Best Life provides Brisbane’s only planned and supported pathway to a more independent life for small groups of young people with disability.

Best Life will use the grant from Women and Change to run the first year of the Got It programme which was successfully piloted in 2020.

The Got-It Daily Life Skills Program has been developed in response to the needs of families’ desire for more frequent opportunities to focus on reinforcing and improving the life skills young people developed during their Sleepovers and HouseMates stays with Best Life.

Outcomes from Got It will vary on a case-by-case basis but will include:

“Graduation” to full-time permanent/semi-permanent, independent living.
Significant, positive change for participants (and reassurance for families) that independence is a realistic goal.
Outcomes improvements, including at least one of the following measures:

Daily living skills
Emotional/overall independence
Feeling of inclusion
Making/strengthening friendships
Family confidence.

The funding will allow the Got It programme for up to four days by the end of the first year and to assist up to 20 clients. It will also fund the establishment of a customer relationship system that will reduce the current administrative burden of managing a complex client base.

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4 Voices

$11,000 grant

4 Voices delivers social and digital connection services throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan to meet a community need that no other organisation fills. COVID 19 has given birth to another pandemic –  that of disconnection, and since March 2020, 4 Voices has been offering practical solutions to women and vulnerable people in the community impacted by domestic violence, homelessness and/or social isolation.

4 Voices connects with people from a purple van customized with WiFi, phones, laptops, printer/scanner/copier and coffee machine to provide much needed connection.

In many instances the connection they provide is just a coffee and a chat about family and relationships, or sharing music or a story or a memory. But other times they help using technology. Help to find a job for someone unemployed. Help to find shelter for someone who is homeless. Help to fill out forms, claim allowances, download apps, learn how to use technology.

4 Voices will use the Women and Change grant to appoint a dedicated phone support coordinator who will coordinate all requests for ongoing support, and recruit, train and manage the volunteer phone support team. Support provided is always practical, for many it is emotional and social support, for others it involves help with online and digital activities including searches for housing and/or employment and assistance completing online forms or benefit claims.

With the support from Women and Change, 4 Voices will be able to double the number of weekly calls being made and greatly increase the number of women helped. Outputs include supporting up to 50 women every week, by an additional 20 volunteers.

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