Mu’ooz Restaurant

2017 Grant Winner

In 2017 Mu’ooz Restaurant was awarded the Women and Change $50,000 Grant. With these funds, Mu’ooz was able to design and build a kitchen that would be expand the number of women who can take part in work experience, training and employment opportunities to African refugees. The facilities available prior to the Grant limited the number of women able to participate and were also restricting the restaurant which helped fund their charitable works. Established in 2003, Mu’ooz helps women who have suffered traumatic experiences of war and poverty by providing employment and new opportunities that help the healing process, plus in addition the presentation communicated the emotional and social advantages of women coming together in this way, such as helping to translate forms and understand Australian culture. Women who have trained through Mu’ooz have moved from welfare to work in hospitality in hospitals, schools and other  organisations.