Grant FAQs

What’s Women and Change about?

Women and Change is Queensland’s first giving circle and was established in 2014 to give women the chance to experience high impact giving. We are an entirely volunteer-run organisation of like-minded women who fund projects that address social disadvantage. To date, Women and Change has funded more than $800,000 worth of projects across Queensland.

Who can apply for our annual grant?

Each year Women and Change offers a grant of up to $50,000 to eligible charitable organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. The project must be focussed on Queensland communities.

When does the money need to be spent by?

Funds should be applied to a project that is completed within 12 months of receiving the grant monies.

What if my project needs less than $50,000?

As the grant amount is $50,000 we encourage all applicants to present a proposal for this amount. These funds may be combined with other funds but the Women & Change grant should be significant and impactful to the project.

What if I have applied previously and been unsuccessful?

If your project meets our eligibility criteria, we strongly encourage previous applicants to reapply. Several of our grant winners have applied 2 or 3 times before being voted as the winner.

What if my program spans Northern NSW and Southern Queensland?

The purpose of the grant is to help Queenslanders. If the benefit extends beyond Queensland, the applicant is encouraged to explain to what extent this will happen so members can assess whether this is an acceptable use of funds. Any projects that do not benefit Queenslanders as the primary beneficiaries will not be considered.

What if I have numerous projects needing funding?

Applications can be submitted for up to three separate projects each year by the one organisation. A separate application will need to be prepared for each project.

Who assesses the applications?

The Women & Change committee and other members meet to assess Expressions of Interest. As part of this process they will exclude any applicants who do not meet the criteria including DGR status and financial viability. The process generates a shortlist of up to ten applicants who are then invited to complete the Full Application. The group meets again to assess the Full Applications and select three finalists to present to the members on Voting Night, held in November each year. Members hear each finalist present their project and then vote for their preferred grant recipient. The winner is announced on the night. This function is also an opportunity for charities to network with a diverse group of philanthropic Queensland women.

How does the voting operate and how can I improve my chances?

We encourage applicants to look at previous winners of our grants to determine whether their project is likely to resonate with our members.

Our members have told us they are looking for the following attributes:
– A project that will have an impact beyond the life of the grant;
– A project that addresses a need that is under-served or provides assistance in a unique way; and
– A project where the benefit to disadvantaged Queenslanders is clear and compelling.

We encourage all applicants to consider whether their project is advanced to the stage where they can clearly articulate the costs and benefits. The calibre of applicants each year is high and projects that seek funding for existing work or for business as usual operations are encouraged to pursue other avenues as this is unlikely to attract the support of our members. It is also important that each charity can articulate not just the importance of the issues they seek to address, but also why their organisation is uniquely placed to deliver that solution.

If I’m unsuccessful, are there any other opportunities with Women & Change?

Women & Change has a diverse range of members who have offered assistance to unsuccessful finalists – particularly in regard to mentoring. Previous finalists who have taken advantage of this opportunity have gone on to win the grant in subsequent years.  We encourage all applicants to contact us and see what assistance is available from our members.  Members are provided with donation details of the three finalists each year in the event they would like to make a contribution of their resources or time.

As Women & Change distributes all member contributions each year, there may be occasions where additional funds, in excess of the grant, are available.  A donation to remaining finalists would be considered and split equally. It would be expected that members would receive a brief acquittal report on the use of this donation.