Membership FAQs

When is the best time of the year to join?

Members have until 27th September 2024 to make their donation, although we prefer to receive all payments by June 30.  This later date aligns with the grant application timeline and by the end of September we can confidently promote to applicants how much grant funding will be available any given year.  With membership growth comes the capacity to donate more funds and offer an emerging grant as well as a main grant. Making your donation “the earlier the better” is our mantra.

What is a Young Member?

This is a membership tier for women under 35 years old to join Women & Change as Young Members and contribute a $500 tax deductible donation, rather than $1000. This provides an entry-level incentive for Young Members to experience the rewards of philanthropic endeavours and enjoy full membership and voting rights.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your $1,000 donation or $500 Young Member donation is fully tax deductible. You will receive a tax deductible donation receipt upon payment into the Women and Change People First Bank Foundation sub fund. The $45 membership fee is paid to Women & Change and this payment is not tax deductible. Payment arrangements through HBCF allow credit card, EFT or cheque payment methods.

What does Women & Change membership involve?

The quick answer is – as little or as much involvement as you choose. We host up to four social events a year for members, culminating in Voting Night in November. Your donation entitles you to one vote at Voting Night. This is a truly amazing event as we hear from the current grant recipient/s about how receiving a Women and Change donation has changed lives. We then listen and watch presentations from the final shortlisted applicants for the next grant round. The most difficult decision of the year is which organisation to vote for!

Can I attend a Women & Change event if I’m not a member?

Yes, definitely! The events are a great way for you to check out what Women & Change is all about and to meet new people.

How can I get more involved with Women & Change?

Members are welcome to be involved in the grants shortlisting process. We will put a call-out after Expressions of Interest close in August.

We also know that a high proportion of new members are drawn to Women & Change via existing members. Consider hosting an event within your own network, whether that be work colleagues or friends, to promote membership of Women & Change and becoming involved in high-impact grant making. Help is at hand to assist with events hosted by member. Contact us on

Another way to become more involved is to consider nominating for a committee position. The Women & Change Committee is elected on an annual basis at the AGM held in February. Members are asked to consider their interest and capacity to be part of the Committee – a group of members who work behind the scenes to ensure the various cogs in our group continue to operate effectively.

What can I expect if I join?

  • You will meet like-minded women who wish to draw attention to important social issues affecting vulnerable members of the Queensland community.
  • Education and networking events are held throughout the year for members and their friends at a minimal cost.
  • Being part of a larger group of donors makes it possible for Women & Change to act collectively and make a significant donation to worthy charities.
What are Women & Change’s Membership Guidelines?
To see the membership guidelines, click here.