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The winner of the 2015 Women & Change Grant – Outback Futures

Women & Change is delighted to announce the grant of $50,000 to Outback Futures.

We had a wonderful Voting Event where members and friends came together to hear from 3 outstanding Non-profits about their work. Finalists were Access Arts, talking about their Undercover Arts Festival, the Youth Advocacy Centre talking about their amazing community legal and social work with youth from new African communities, and Outback Futures. All the presentations were outstanding and each organisation made many new friends and supporters. We were also glad to make 2 small grants of $1000 and $2000 to the “runner up” organisations.

Outback Futures will use the $50,000 to extend the reach of their regional activities. They provide combined health services to women and families in remote Queensland, where access to even a GP is limited and waitlists are long. Selena Gomersall’s presentation was emotive and compelling, and like so many issues, staggering that such disadvantage can exist in our own backyard.

Inaugural recipient of 2014 Women & Change Grant
An update from Townsville Sexual Assault Partnership

At the inaugural grant presentation evening of Women & Change, held 5th November 2014, the Townsville Sexual Assault Support Service described to members and guests the great need for funding to establish the Townsville Sexual Assault Partnership. Their excellent application and presentation won the majority vote from our 54 members. We are pleased to report that the project is progressing exceptionally well. Here are the key milestones already achieved, as per a progress report supplied in February 2015:

  • Formation of the first Sexual Assault Partnership including Strategic Group.
  • Involvement of sexual assault survivors in the Partnership
  • Production of a Strategic Needs Assessment.
  • Creation of the first multi-agency Partnership Sexual Assault Protocol with Memorandum of Understanding and Care Pathways across responsible organisations.
  • Formation of an extensive ongoing training program to be delivered to all relevant staff across responsible organisation.
  • New – Develop a business case for a specialised sexual assault unit in Townsville

The measures of success that the Partnership has identified are:

For professionals
Where there is recognition that sexual assault is a serious crime which is a shared problem therefore a shared response is adopted.

For victims
Where victims see a cohesive response from organisations that are proficient in their responsibilities and knowledgeable of each other’s.

Where there is a respectful continuum of care which is purposefully designed to meet the needs of victims.

This project is possible due to the collective giving of women throughout Queensland.

A letter from the Women’s Centre in Townsville.