An invitation to join Women & Change, to achieve our mission of delivering social change through significant grants to community organisations.

Giving Circles are emerging around the world as a form of ‘new philanthropy’ – giving that embraces accountability and entrepreneurship. A group of donors, traditionally women, give a fixed annual amount, to make a collective grant to charities. This idea of collective giving enables impactful large gifts, as well as building the grant-making capacity of members.

Women & Change, Queensland’s first Giving Circle, was initiated by a group of Brisbane women who are all passionate about helping people and causes in the greatest need. It is established on the following core values:

  • Increase the capacity of women interested in philanthropy through peer support and collective giving.
  • Encourage wide donor participation and inspire philanthropy.
  • Support Queensland based organisations capable of delivering social change.
  • Facilitate high impact grant-making.

We invite you to consider becoming a member.

In 2017 Women & Change aims to again provide a grant of $50,000, through the membership of at least 50 women who all contribute a $1000 donation. Our collective giving will enable a $50,000 grant to be made to the nominated charity to support a social welfare or education initiative that will benefit those most in need. Charitable organisations will be invited to submit applications, which will then be assessed and shortlisted. Information from each organisation on the final shortlist will be sent to members, and a voting process will determine the successful organisation to receive the grant.

We encourage multi-year pledges for those who want to commit to collective giving for more than one year. Membership is open to any woman, and every member receives one vote in the grant process.

We invite women from different age groups, with varying levels of giving capacity and experience, from different backgrounds, professions and cultures, to be part of Women & Change, to pool our resources, to learn about philanthropy and our community and to collectively give gifts that are big enough to make a real difference to those who are in greatest need in Queensland.

We invite you to join with us in this exciting new philanthropic venture >


Giving circles are still a relatively new idea with most formed in the United States since the year 2000. Significant growth is indicated by a 2006 US study that identified approximately 400 Giving Circles in America, which had more than doubled from two years earlier.  A survey of 160 circles found that they leveraged $13 million in 2006 alone, and more than $100 million to date!  We understand that the number of giving circles operating in the US is now around 800. In Australia, the idea of collective giving is spreading and right now we know there are at least eight throughout Australia. Women & Change is the next.